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Preview: Context ‘Stealing My Older Brother’s Tapes’ EP

Since Context announced last month on MistaJam’s show on BBC Radio 1Xtra that he would be releasing a special EP of tracks called ‘Stealing My Older Brother’s Tapes’ which were all modern takes on classic early 90s tunes, we’ve been wondering which tracks he’d choose, and the reasons why. Now, exclusively for Notion, Context reveals which tracks he chose to remix for the EP, and tell us a little bit about them. The free EP will drop later this week via Context’s Facebook page, and after hearing this we can’t wait.

1. Intro/Say It Now (Snippet):
In many ways this track is one of the most special on the EP, as I genuinely remember being about 6 and hearing this coming from my older Brother’s room in the mid 90′s. My Brother used to go to parties at Skegness Pleasuredome which were old harcore raves, and I vividly remember this track from a tape I stole called ‘Kaos Theory 2′. People should look it up. Its absolutely mental. The producer ‘Kraze’ flipped the sample so differently, and it was just a chance to get some things off my chest in a way that you maybe can’t do on radio singles. (Original track: Altern8 – ‘Evapor8′)

2. Inner City Pressure (Snippet):
Again, a very meaningful track to me. The first drum and bass track I ever remember hearing was actually ‘Angel’ by Goldie from the same album. I got it from a CD which I took from my sisters room (she’s about 9 years older than me) – this is making me sound like a bit of a thief! Anyway, after that I came across this track and I’ve wanted to rework it for over 5 years now. We actually showed my version to Goldie himself to make sure he was happy with it. It was great to have the seal of approval from the man himself. The track is a classic and I had to do it justice. Quite a few nasty things had happened in the weeks leading up to this track (a girl was raped in the alleyway that leads to my flat), and it was all a bit much for me to be honest, and when I heard how Adam Midgely [the producer] had worked the sample, the words literally fell out. I think I wrote all 3 verses in around 15 minutes. Once we put in some haunting pads and vocal chops from Great Skies [producer of 'Drowning'] the track came together beautifully. (Original track: Goldie – ‘Inner City Life’)

3. Choose Larger (Snippet)
In many ways, a fairly obvious choice, but this was the track which actually started the whole EP. I was in the EMI studio with Adam Midgely and he literally had this 8 bar loop with this sample. I wrote the bars there and then. again in like 10 minutes, and smashed it out. It was then we discussed how cool it would be to have a whole EP which took tracks from this era and flipped them in a modern way. From there, this track was all about how to make this sample work in a musically meaningful way. It’d be easy to rip this and be bait with it, but I wanted something that felt right. When Ollie MacFarlane and Horror Stories got involved in the production, it just morphed into something I could never have imagined. Its a real beast of a track, and the way the sample has been chopped and changed is really unique. (Original track: Underworld – ‘Born Slippy . NUXX’)

4. The System:
I guess many people will have already heard this track on 1Xtra over the last few weeks, and also The Guardian premiered the audio a few weeks back. I remember hearing old Prodigy tracks like Charly as a very young lad coming from my Brother’s room, so I was kind of hoping a Prodigy sample’d track would appear. One day in a session with Horror Stories, Aaron said he’d made a little loop the night before in about half an hour. It was super rough, but it was just so weighty and massive. I actually sat on the beat for weeks trying to work out how to say what I wanted to say on it. I wanted to have a track about the transcendental experience of raving – some of the most special times in my life have been in raves – but again, you’ve got to be clever with it. Its easy to say – in the club, smash a Gary, lets go mental. Thats cliche. Once I had that line ‘A cathedral placed in a basement’ I just ran with it. (Original track: The Prodigy – ‘Rip Up The System’)

Context’s EP ‘Stealing My Older Brother’s Tapes’ drops this week via his Facebook page as a free download! Click here to make sure you’re the first to know when it goes live!

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