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BEAUTIFY: It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Finally! Someone found a way of making rain sound chic- or certainly, making it smell chic.

Huh? Let me explain; Jo Malone have launched their London Rain collection which comprises of four new fragrances all based around the smell of rain at different times of day. Not only is this possibly the most British thing to have ever happened (ever) but this is a first for Jo Malone: coloured bottles. Taking on a slightly younger, urban feel the four fragrances each have their own ombre coloured bottle which relates to the scent.


For example, Wisteria and Violet, £82 for 100ml, based on the scent of a soft morning shower is purple. Whilst White Jasmine and Mint’s green bottle represents an afternoon downpour… and so on and so forth.

This feels like a real leap into something new and special for Jo Malone, and with another exciting collaboration with illustrator Michael Angove coming up in April- this is Jo Malone’s time.


Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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