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Nike Free iD 2014

The Nike Free 2014 collection sees Nike produce it’s most innovative running shoe since it’s 2004 launch – now also with NikeiD custom design ability.

The new collection makes a strong performance statement, reminiscent of co-founder Bill Bowerman’s ethos – it’s about the athlete. The Nike Free running shoes are about the person’s feet, not the shoes.

Research in the Nike labs showed that when running a person’s foot does not move in a perfectly linear direction, it tends t roll slightly when hitting the ground. This is where Nike’s drive to create multi-directional flexibility came from.

IMAGE 3This year see’s the introduction of the new Flyknit series, in 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 sole options. 3.0 offers the lowest to ground, maximum flexibility option, then the level of cushion goes up, finishing with the 5.0 at 8mm. The Flyknit upper and the hexagonal patterned sole offer support and flexibility in the fit. The heel is also more anatomically designed, helping the runner’s heel roll as it hits the ground.

IMAGE 1IMAGE 6Another new feature for the collection sees NikeiD coming in to play. Runners now have the option of customising the design of their shoe to make them truly unique, not just in aesthetic, but also in fit and structure.

IMAGE 2Runners can customise the performance options between the 4.0 Flyknit and the 5.0, changing the uppers and outsoles for user-optimal fit and ride. Each can be personalised with a unique colour palette and even a custom message on the tongue. There is even the option to create hybrids, for instance, opting for the new Nike Free 4.0 Flyknit upper with the Nike Free 5.0 outsole.

The Nike Free Flyknits and customisable options will be available on Nike.com and in stores from April 3rd.

- Neil Thornton

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