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nars matte multiples


One of NARS’ bestselling products is the Orgasm blusher. Now they’re bringing us the Matte Multiples. Personally I can’t wait until they mix the two for a Multiple Orga… Oh ok. I won’t.

But first, let me introduce the new Matte Multiples which (as the name would suggest) are multi usage and yes, matte, as opposed to it’s predecessor which was a shiny and gleaming tube of great (this is still available though- don’t worry!).


The difference with the matte aspect is not only the multitude of new shades available (from a deep brown to a popping red) but also the extra diversity this brings. With a stick of matte colour, you can quite literally use it for WHATEVER you like! Wants some extra definition on your cheeks? No problem. A light eye shadow? Sure. A pop of colour on your lips? Right here. It’s like a one-stop stick of wonder (uh-oh there go those puns again…).

And no sticky fingers here, as the texture is much lighter than you would imagine, in fact when you rub it into your skin it becomes almost powdery. Soft, light and certainly not sticky. Perfect for having in your bag day or night- and I sure as hell can’t wait to have one in my beach bag!

£30 each at NARS.

Watch my video on how to use them here.

Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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