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Live Review: Nimmo and the Gauntletts @ Concrete, 27/03/14

I seem to be saying this a lot recently, but there are many bands and artists experiencing those big moments. These don’t necessarily have to consist of million selling singles or an album at the top of the charts, but rather exist temporally. Seeing Nimmo and the Gauntletts at Concrete was one of these moments.

While there’s been a significant amount of ‘buzz’ surrounding the London based band, there isn’t that much material available online to digest. It’s surprising, then, when the best tracks of the night end up being new songs. Show opener ‘My Only Friend’ is probably the most electronic I’ve heard the group. The song features a house-y intro and slots somewhere between the first La Roux album and London Grammar (a comparison that will be inevitable). Already the crowd at the sold-out show were nuts for it. Two girls standing near me couldn’t even see the stage due to an inconveniently placed pillar but were throwing themselves around living for it. It was, as I discussed, a proper big moment. It was we’ve arrived and we’re going to be fucking huge.

The rest of the set played out accordingly. New single ‘Jaded’ sounded great live, the repetitive pulsing synths creating an almost cylindrical sound that enveloped the audience. Already people knew the words, singing along as front women Sarah and Reva played off of each other. In fact, the chemistry between the two is undeniable. There is a synergy between their two vocals; Sarah’s supplying a roughness while Reva’s smooth out any edges.

Their debut release, ‘Change’, was the only place where the set lagged. It’s obvious that as writers and performers the group have progressed from that point. While not dull, the song falls succinctly into indie fodder. The biggest moment for me was ‘All These Nights’ a complete banger of a song. There were moments of raw emotion subtly smuggled in and the whole song felt like a massive build-up.  One song, ‘Even Feel You’ felt like it was paying homage to the Engineers’ ‘Anti-gravity’ remix of Bloc Party’s ‘Blue Light’ but with stabs of energy.

Closing the set with ‘Others’ it felt like the band had arrived. The pace of the set felt just right the whole way through, with little fuss. Now that the group have signed to Columbia records hopes for a full on debut are high, but with the band’s determination and chemistry there’s no way any one could fuck this up. It’s exciting for them, and it truly felt like a big moment.

The set list for the show was as follows:
My Only Friend
Covers – A Forrest (The Cure)/ Insomnia (Faithless)
All these nights
Even Feel You

- Alim Kheraj

‘Jaded’ by Nimmo and the Gauntletts is available to download now.

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