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BOTW Premiere: Glass Animals – ‘Gooey’ (Gilligan Moss remix)

You don’t half feel a sense of unease when listening to Gilligan Moss’ playful, verging on manic reworking of Glass Animals’ ‘Gooey’. Starting with the very last element of the original—a misleadingly ebullient, simple twinkle-twinkle xylophone melody, subsequently warped, looped and fiddled around with—Moss proceeds to cut in with the line “let me show you everything I know” and then to and fro between different tempos, flitting between the original vocals and cleverly collaged snippets of lead singer Dave Bayley’s unique falsetto.

At nearly six minutes, it’s an engaging, transportive delight that evokes a gloriously offbeat El Dorado. Chicagoan beat-maker Moss is best known for his solo work (listen to the Pantha du Prince-like ‘Choreograph’) and this is another example of the Oxford band enlisting an underground name from across the Pond to add a dash of brilliance to their already exotic and accomplished sound. Although reluctant to reveal the deeper meaning of the track, Bayley recently told us this song was based on threads of “youthfulness and naivety”, and the remix certainly stays true to that claim.

- Huw Oliver

Glass Animals release the Gooey EP on April 7th 2014. You can download the single here!

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