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Pepsi Max x Janelle Monáe

Pepsi is known for its collaborations with the biggest names in music from Beyoncé, Akon, Britney, Shakira and Michael Jackson. Now, Pepsi Max have teamed up with the wonderfully talented musical android Janelle Monáe. Announced as Billboard’s 2014 ‘Rising Star’, Janelle Monáe will release a special version of David Bowie’s iconic track, ‘Heroes’. The song has been recorded as part of Pepsi Max’s new global football commercial, ‘NOW IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT’ and it’s all rather inspirtaional stuff. In the ad, Janelle is joined by an all star football lineup that includes Robin van Persie, Jack Whilshere and Leo Messi. The video is unique in that it offers fans to unlock additional content, as well as an exclusive extended performance of the new track.

Such exciting stuff! Watch the video below:

If you’re in the US you can download the track here! If you’re not it will be available to download very soon, so I’d set a reminder or something.

- Alim Kheraj

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