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Moodboard: Fenster

In early 2013 Fenster gathered in the cabin-turned-music-studio in the woods of East Germany to record their second album, ‘The Pink Caves’. Recording the band play live together, and having a highly imaginative approach to noise experimentation (the house itself was repeatedly used as an ‘instrument’) resulted in the surreal, other-worldly sound of the tracks featured in it.

Artful and haunting lyrics, experimentation with noise and exploration of the new techniques, while at the same time retaining the signature eerie guitar sound and enchanting vocals, make up the dreamlike ‘Pink Caves’.

To give us an insight into what inspires them to create their music, we got Fenster to put together a moodboard consisting of some things that they love.

But first you should take a little stroll into the ‘Pink Caves’ and check out one of the songs from the album.

Angelo Badalamenti:

“Gorgeous Angelo Badalamenti telling and re-living the moment of how he sat down with David Lynch and created the Love Theme of Twin Peaks, our favorite TV show of all times.”

Dithyrambalina – New Orleans, LA:

“On our first tour in the USA we had the pleasure and privilege of spending the night at the The Music Box, A Shantytown Sound Laboratory in New Orleans. Also known as Dithyrambalina. The backyard contained a collection of small musical structures that you could physically interact with and play. An amazing collection of artists including SWOON and Quintron contributed to this imaginative and mind blowing dreamland.”

Thomas Mapfumo:

“This is something we always come back to, a 1994 live performance of Zimbabwean musician Thomas Mapfumo, a highly mesmerizing and politically charged performance (see the military police standing in the room with guns). The best things about it are the fabulous singing and dance moves of the back-up singers, the traditional Zimbabwean instrument mbira that was/is banned under Robert Mugabe and the amazing solo of deceased guitar legend Sugar at the end. Moyo Wangu means my heart. Truly trippy. Thanks to our good friend Neil Goodwin for introducing it to us.”

In Heaven everything is fine:

“Here comes another hauntingly beautiful David Lynch reference. This musical number is from Lynch’s first feature film Eraserhead.”

The Pink Caves:

“An early collage by Salvador Dali for one of his exhibitions. Really struck a chord with us when developing the visual dream aesthetic for our record.”


“Watched this Cronenberg masterpiece while recording The Pink Caves in Cottbus. Insanely dark brilliance.”

Delia Derbyshire:

“An early pioneer of electronic music. This woman tripped out on tape loops, vocal pitching and experimental composition. She’s super influential even if most people don’t know her name.”

They Live!:

“John Carpenter at his best. The mix of trashy fight scenes and profound cultural metaphors for the corporation saturated times we’re living in. Super spooky and hilarious at the same time.”


“We like magical shiny things. On our current US tour we came through Hot Springs, Arkansas and got greeted with crystals that someone had handpicked for us off of the forest floor.”

Forever Dolphin Love:

“And finally, a true gem from one of our contemporaries, Connan Mockasin from New Zealand. It’s a tasty treat, enjoy!”

“The Pink Caves” is out now via Morr Music. The album is available here!

-Lusia Zaleskaya

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