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Dance Like You Mean it with Diesel’s A-Z of Dance

Confession time: I’m not much of a dancer (aside from my celebrated disco spins, and Bruce Forsyth-challenging soft-shoe shuffle), but maybe it’s about time for all that to change. I’ve been watching Diesel’s A-Z of Dance (produced in collaboration with i-D) all morning and now I’m totally hooked: East Coast Swing looks like fun, or performing the perfect Death Drop (a la Rupaul’s Drag Race) could be a winner, or maybe I should channel my inner showgirl; and learn to poledance. There’s stuff in here I didn’t even know existed, like the Finger Tut (moving your fingers around in a hypnotic way), or Memphis Jookin’, a kind of hybrid between ballet and hip-hop.

The video has been put together to showcase the incredible talents of club dancers today, and also the versatility and flexibility of Diesel’s Jogg Jean, which fuses the comfort and stretch of jersey with the style of a classic pair of Diesel denim. Featuring a host of talent making waves in pop culture today from the Soul Step team who starred in Rick Owen’s ground-breaking SS14 show to Northern Soul teen sensation Levanna McLean fresh from performing with Pharrell Williams at the Brit Awards or Atlanta’s Twerk Team finest, Mizz Twerksum and Lady Luscious.

Got the bug? Diesel and i-D are inviting fans to dance their way into a one-of-a-kind follow up film, by submitting their footage across social channels using the hashtags #joggjeans and #iDdance, or by joining the London casting call at Diesel’s Covent Garden Store on 10th April 2014, 2-4pm with stars from the video including Nicole “The Pole” Williams.

That’s the rest of my afternoon sorted then, the only question remaining is which dance? Might just stick with a classic Harlem Shake, or good ol’ Vogue Hands. Or the YMCA! That’s right up my street.

Get more info on the project and Jogg jeans here.

-       SL

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