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Interview: Amine Edge & DANCE

Amine Edge & DANCE are the French phenomena who’ve taken house music by storm over the past year-or-so thanks to their unrelenting and raucous take on the genre. Their style is indebted to both house and hip-hop, a fact that’s reflected in their fashion tastes as much as it is the diverse sounding music that they’ve put their hand to. After a marathon 130 shows in 2013, you’d think they’d be ready to slow down too, but as we found out when we caught up with them recently, they’re planning nothing of the sort.

With their latest EP, the brilliant – and cheekily named – Porn Bass EP, whipping the house music world into a frenzy, we caught up with the outspoken duo to chat about Ibiza, Australia and the year ahead…

Planet Notion: Last year saw you play over 130 shows. Were there any highlights at all?
Amine Edge & DANCE: It’s hard to tell. Most of the Brazilian shows were crazy. In London and Manchester it’s the same, too. So yeah, there were load of highlights. It’s hard to pick one!

PN: You’ve had a really strong presence on Beatport. Are you a fan of the hype there, or do you try not to get involved in the media outburst when it comes to Beatport?
AE&D: We are happy and proud about everything good that happens to us. As for Beatport, for sure, it’s all good. We love social media, too.

PN: Tell us about the CUFF residency in Paris at The Crib.  It seems to be going really well. Why you think it’s so hot right now?
AE&D: Yes, it’s always full and we are so proud of it. It’s hot because of the music and what we represent is hot. People love something new and innovative, and this CUFF residency is to introduce our artists to Paris. We’re working on organizing more around the globe, too. 

PN: There will also be a tour, where can we see you heading?
AE&D: We are headlining most of the show we’re playing in Brazil, USA, Europe, Australia, everywhere. Our calendar is almost full for 2014. NYE 2015 is also booked too!

PN: There is also talk of Ibiza right, can you explain more?
AE&D: Ibiza is secret for now, but the announcement will arrive with big news
soon. Watch this space!

PN: I believe that you’re starting a label. What can you tell us about the genre and the direction you want to take it in?
AE&D: We just want to keep signing music that we love, music with balls that doesn’t fuck around. Strong beats for music lovers like us.

PN: Who can we expect on the label? talk of a compilation I hear?
AE&D: Most of them are not famous, but they’re amazing and they will be famous soon! Shiba San from Paris is amazing, as are the Volac duo from Russia. Then there’s Ennio from Hamburg, Chris Lorenzo from Birmingham and many more.

PN: I’ve heard talk of a compilation.
This compilation is an introduction to show the world who we are. All the tracks are different but all amazing. Most start their label with an EP, but fuck the rules! We want to arrive with 10 massive tracks! Also Sneak, Roger Sanchez, Kenny Dope and MK roll with us…We’ll talk about it soon.

PN: With Amine Edge and DANCE, what do you have coming up release wise?
AE&D: We’ve got remixes for Roger Sanchez, Wankelmut, Talisco and more. There are also some original tracks on CUFF, too.

PN: You will also be on tour in Australia. You must be excited as the scene over there is really growing right now?
AE&D: The gigs in Sydney and Melbourne were really cool; the other cities need more power though!

Amine Edge & DANCE’s Porn Bass EP is out now on CUFF.

Catch them at their residency at Sankeys Ibiza this summer.

- Dan Mac

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