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BEAUTIFY: Give yourself cheekbones

One of my many (first world problem) woes in life is that, alas, I was not given my mother’s cheekbones. I got my father’s cheeks, nice big juicy ones that double in size when I smile. They’re ‘cute’ I’ve been told. And if you’ve ever told me that you’ll know the scowl I respond with. Cheekbones were meant for me, I just didn’t get them.

Over the years I’ve found subtle ways of downplaying the cheeks and up-playing other features, along with knowing where to put bronzer the fain bone structure. But it seems that this Spring: everyone wants cheekbones. Or at least, cheekbone-making-palettes are now just as easy to find as eyeshadows.

The best of the lot are the NARS Contour Blush, £30, which gives you the perfect shadows of dark and light- with the darker one create the look of the shadow from your newly found cheekbone, and the lighter shade highlight the top of your cheekbone which now can’t help but catch the light. Perfectly paired when used with the new NARS Contour brush, £31, whose angled hairs allow for perfect precision.


AERIN have created the so beautiful you don’t want to use it Kaleidolight Palette, £40, which has everything you could need for the day- including a multitude of brown hues for creating said cheekbones. Plus you’ve got a little pink blush in there too. If you want to add an extra glow to the top of your cheek, grab MAC’s Cream Colour Base in Pearl, £15, and the compliments will never stop.


Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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