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In Focus: Cinime – a new approach to the movies?

Do you ever find yourself twiddling your thumbs at the cinema? Watching trailers that you really aren’t into, or stuck in a queue for tickets/popcorn/the toilet? I don’t know about you guys, but this happens to me a lot, and it’s the kind of thing where you’d expect someone to capitalise on this free time by launching some kind of app for your phone…right?

Well that’s where the good folks at Cineworld have come in and given you something filmy to do instead of posting *yet another* selfie of yourself by the cardboard cutout of Jake Gyllenhaal. Cinime is a rather handy little app for your phone that combines offers, games and competitions into one thing and provides something to do in these little thumb-twiddling moments. You can research info on films, check out upcoming releases, and even play games while you wait for those overexcited trailers for children’s films to be over. What’s more, if you leave your phone on the app (on silent of course – no-one wants to be *that* guy) while the film is running, it’ll collate a load of offers without you even having to do anything. Genius.

The latest game to drop on the app is one from BMW that gets you to pit your driving skills against other cinema-goers and choose the best racing lines, with the winners being selected for a track day in BMW’s new 2 Series. Awesome, right? Anyway, that’s enough of me waffling on – take a look at the app here and give it a spin next time you’re out.


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