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BEAUTIFY: Neal’s Yard celebrate 10th Anniversary

Neal’s Yard is a Notion favourite, you’ll know since we’ve spoken about it before (and here, and here).

That’s why we’re very excited to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Wild Rose Beauty Balm. The all in one product that can be used as a cleanser, to soothe skin (even sunburn), as a lip balm and countless other things. It’s a winner, and that’s why it’s been going strong for ten years. To commemorate this, Neal’s Yard Remedies have created a limited edition packaging launching in May- and it’s pink!

In stark contrast to it’s famous blue bottles (which are blue, by the way, to stop harmful rays affecting the product inside) the floral pink looks wonderful in store (seriously, go take a look!).


If you do pop in store, you’ll also see the new selection of Superfoods that they sell, among which is the new Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Another multi-use product that’s great to have- you can use it in cooking, for cleaning your teeth, for cleansing your face, for moisturising your face, as a highlighter, for taming your hair… The list is quite literally endless.

I’d advise popping in to one of their shops, especially if you’re near the actual Neal’s Yard one- I promise you’ll come out happy.


The 10th Anniversary pot launches in May.

Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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