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Shoot: Touch of Music

Freedom of expression is a universal human right. These two East London guys, Jerome Thomas, a singer/songwriter, and Chr1s Love, a producer/DJ, have surely utilised this right very effectively! Applying it to their unique music and fashion style, they’ve basically created their own genre, dubbed FOE (Freedom of Expression/Fusion of Everything).
Be it colourful jumpers and distressed jeans, or slick-looking blazers and hats – in the latest shoot all is embraced, all is explored! It’s a Fusion of Everything, it’s fun!

Above, Jerome: Top – FOE / Jeans – Topman / Shoes – Timberland

Above, Jerome: Shirt – FOE / Jeans – Levis / Shoes – Brogues

Above, Jerome: Jumper – The Sweater Shop/ Chain – FOE

Above, Chr1s: Blazer – Topman / Shirt – Ozwald Boateng / Hat – Touché London

Above, Chr1s: T-shirt – FOE / Trousers – H&M / Shoes Dr Martin / Hat – Touché London