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Groomed: REINVENT Leave In Conditioner

Like many men, I can’t deal with a lot of fuss; I like to keep things simple. This extends to most areas of my life, including hair care. I have often found it amazing how the opposite sex can spend so much time putting in countless products for different aims – when you add in all of the ‘leave in for X minutes’ together, you’re pretty much finished for the day.
This is why I’m loving REINVENT’s new Leave In Conditioner. Taking out the hassle of waiting and rinsing, you simply apply the conditioner to shampooed and towel-dried hair.
It’s packed with hair care features, it soothes, conditions, protects and enhances colour.

“REINVENT Leave-in Conditioner provides optimum moisture and serves as a shield to restore and protect treated hair, leaving it flexible, easy to style and maintain.”

Work REINVENT through to the roots and you’re done. You can then blow dry it in and style your hair as desired. I tend to use it of an evening and leave it in to dry naturally if I’m not going back out.
REINVENT is part of the Nanokeratin System family, a scientifically proven micro size molecular hair repair and enhancement system. Offering innovative hair care for the modern man or woman, the system has solutions for hair in any state and you can visit the site and take a simple test to help guide you to the right products.

REINVENT is available at salons across the country for around £25. Check out the website for your nearest stockist.

- Neil Thornton

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