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Moodboard: Broken Twin

Although seemingly simple at first, the fascinating music by Broken Twin instantly grabs the listener by the heart and doesn’t let go. Haunting vocals and soft piano harmonies combined with melancholic lyrics make up the minimalist, lo-fi, warm sound that is so appealing. Majke Voss Romme, the singer-songwriter known best by her stage name – Broken Twin –  is about to release her debut album ‘May’, which, by artist’s own admission, is going to be a deeply personal record. As a result of hard work and long, non-stop creative process, the album consisting of ten songs is about to be presented to the world.
Meanwhile, we have asked Broken Twin to compile a moodboard to share some of the things she likes, as well as what moves and inspires her. But first, take a look at the music video of one of the songs from ‘May’.

The North Sea:

“I grew up not very far from the sea, and I’ve always been very drawn to water. The North Sea in particular. It’s raw and merciless yet beautiful and in constant change. It’s calming and makes me feel closer to nature.”

Patti Smith – “Just Kids”:

“I think Patti Smith is an amazing songwriter and I absolutely love the photography of Robert Mapplethorpe. I swallowed this book in a few days. It’s a beautiful story of love, friendship, art and life – beautifully written.”

Yayoi Kusama:

“I once stumbled upon a photograph of her working in her studio and the more I look into her work, the more it amazes me. I think the way she works with patterns and repetition is so beautiful and imaginative, yet focused and minimalistic. Visually I find her very inspiring.”

Old Pianos:

“This is my parents’ piano. It’s the first piano I ever played, first piano I wrote a song on. I used to play with my father when I grew up, so I’ve always been drawn to this instrument. Mostly old ones. If I get near a very old piano, I simply have to play.”