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Tirzah Press shot

BOTW Moodboard: Tirzah

London artist Tirzah lets us in on her (mostly) musical winners in this week’s BOTW Moodboard. Eclectic to say the least, we veer from old-time crooners to obscure post-disco, via an influential stand-up comic, a dancehall singjay, Elvis Presley and a bandcamp newcomer. There’s truly something for everyone.

‘Tenor Saw and it doesn’t get much better’

‘ESG. These ladies doing it so good’

‘Sam Cooke cause it’s all I’ll ever need.’

‘Tig Notaro every time. This one never tires. Funny lady.’

‘Sylvester = gold.’

‘Tricky – seriously heavy track and vid.’


‘Peggy Lee – Hooked first time. A classic.’

‘Mmmmm Wooaaahh.’

‘Sula Bay – love this.’

‘ Trip… amazing.’

- Huw Oliver

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