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BEAUTIFY: Boost yourself for Summer

Nothing is more important for summer than feeling your best. The long nights, festivals, endless drinks on sunny rooftops. It’s a lot for your body to handle and you’ll need some help to keep feeling – and looking – your best.



Not longer a cliche- we are all well aware of how simple and effective it is to boost your diet with magical powders (not that kind, mind) and a good few vitamins. Having recently discovered The Health & Beauty Company, and having tried a plethora of the supplements they offer, I can safely say: I’ve found the ones.

The cream of the crop has to be Daily Magic – Red. A superfood powder packed full of 19 vitamin rich fruit and vegetables powdered to provide a nutritious supplement that can be added to water, juice or cereals for a powerful anti-oxidant hit. I add one to a shot of water in the morning to get myself going.


In terms of supplements, you don’t want to overdo it and spend 30 minutes each morning popping various pills. You need to know what you want and what works for you. To help me on my way to a bikini body I chose Raspberry Ketone, that helps reduce appetite and sugar cravings whilst also increasing your energy levels. For an even bigger boost of energy I added Vitamin B Complex to the mix to help maintain a healthy nervous system, skin and immune system. All systems a go! Bring it on, summer.


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