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Kyla La Grange – Fly

BOTW Moodboard: Kyla La Grange

Riding high on the back of second album ‘Cut Your Teeth’, the amazing Kyla La Grange takes us through some of the brilliant things that inspire her on a daily basis, from her pet dog and trifle to Game of Thrones and other fantasies.

Air Crash Investigation
Air crash
‘I get really hooked on watching these. I’ve got to stop, because I’m becoming a nervous flyer and I never used to be.’

Bad Taxidermy
stuffed fox
‘It makes me laugh and want to cry at the same time. Especially when you get what should be really noble animals reduced to looking like this. It’s the faces that do it for me.’

‘I’m into unicorns, bigtime. I especially like outrageous unicorn fantasy art, the tackier the better. I have a holographic rearing unicorn in front of a rainbow on my bedroom wall.’

Arya Stark
‘My favourite GoT character. God she’s so cool, I just want to be her friend. I don’t think she’d have me though, I’d just slow her down.’

‘I literally cannot get enough of it.’

Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite
‘This is still pretty much my favourite film. I think I love Napoleon so much just because I feel like I was Napoleon – I played ‘let’s pretend’ games on my own until I was far too old, I drew fantasy animals, I pretended I had really cool skills when I didn’t. Also, I love every one of his T-shirts.’

My Dog
My dog
‘Look at her. LOOK AT HER. She’s the fucking best.’

Cut Your Teeth is out now.

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