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Johnnie & Ginger

Johnnie Walker Red Label is a big, bold drink that demands a mixer to match – ginger is the only mixer that’s worthy of his name.

Johnnie, the man himself, has a history with ginger mixers. Brewing equipment and several barrels were found in his distillery, showing the hallmarks of that pioneering spirit for which he’s famous. But as a man always looking forward, he’d see no justice in leaving the legacy of Johnnie & Ginger there. Johnnie and Ginger are the perfect match, but different ginger mixers can complement the different sides to Johnnie Walker Red Label – so whether you want to bring out fire, zest or spice, it’s up to you – just adjust the recipe to suit.

The perfect mixer to complement the perfect Whisky is out there – and new roads aren’t conquered by those scared to leave behind the map. 



Equipment: a funnel, sterilised bottle, grater, measuring jug, spoon, bowl
Ingredients: yeast, sugar, ginger (your preference of type), water

1). Add 1.6g yeast together with 225g sugar and shake well
2).Grate 30g ginger into a bowl
3). Squeeze the juice of up to a whole lemon into the measuring jug and mix in the grated ginger
4). Add any flavour you feel boldly compliments the ginger to taste – fiery, light, spicy, fresh or sweet!
5). Add the ginger mix to the sugar and yeast
6). Shake and leave for  12-48 hours in a warm place
7). Sieve and pour – your mixer is ready!

And if you weren’t convinced enough already, here’s some pictures from a fab Johnnie Walker Red Label event with a competition to mix the best Johnny & Ginger that shows just how much folk enjoy making and drinking the good stuff… responsibly, of course.





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