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Video Premiere: Ofei – ‘Wow’

Twenty-something Londoner, Ofei, has something very special. This is head spinning-ly beautiful music to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention.The unrefined, raw and deeply emotional undertones in his voice are refreshingly unique. Ofei’s ‘London’ EP is an unabashed, riveting culmination of poignant peaks and troughs - there are dark, unsettling moments of clarity, beautifully balanced with triumphant crescendos. Listening to these tracks is an experience that is somehow both intimate and completely out of reach.

Now, he has dropped this stunning video for new single ‘Wow’ (aptly named), taken from his forthcoming EP. The video is an unseen insight into the enigmatic Ofei. Where previous videos such as ‘Tomorrow’ have been mysterious and suggestive, we’re now drawn in by a characteristic head of dreadlocks – it’s intriguing and a little ominous. As the song progresses, a powerful and striking image reveals itself from the silhouetted shape; Ofei is laid bare and the intensity and passion of his performance is breathtaking. 

– Kassia Wordley

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