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New Track: High Contrast and Claire Maguire – ‘Who’s Loving You (Part 2)’

As his name suggests, contrast is the key and High Contrast has continued to defy conventional bass boundaries since he signed to Hospital Records in 2000. His music seems to rapidly progress from one year to the next comfortably hybridising samba, jazz and hip hop elements to the eminent 160 beats per minute.

This time he has partnered up once again with the hypnotic vocals of Clare Maguire for the shiny new track, ‘Who’s Loving You (Part 2)’. Again, seemingly bored of the tried and tested pathway he has albeit successfully paved himself, he is exploring new musical corridors.

Although staying true to his iconic beats and to her evocative vocals, what is added to this track is an unmistakable element of cinema and an epic film score quality. The guidelines of repetition surrounding the genre don’t particularly allow for much story telling but when rejoicing brass is layered into the track, a sound sensation of, simply, triumph is achieved.

Drum and bass can often feel like a directionless sprint through the dark and untamed jungle. This track releases the raver from the shadows and feels like the grand finale to an ever-long search – euphoric.

‘Who’s Loving You (Part 2) will be released on September 29th.

- Anya Frude

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