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New Track: Real Lies – ‘North Circular (Helix Remix)’

Having swamped the electronic pop scene last year with their inexhaustible debut single, ‘World Peace’, London-based band Real Lies are returning. Just released is a Helix remix of their new, ‘North Circular’. It seems in our post-millennial world we yearn for the restoration of decades gone by and this remix provides just that. With clapping beats reminiscent of the 90s club scene and relentless teasing melodies, it’s hard to listen without your feet succumbing to some form of side step.

The driving rhythm of the remix lends its beat well to the track title naming the 26-mile-long road that runs through London. The lyrics or, more appropriately, narrative feed us the same sense of both immediate and distant time at once. Belonging to something both past and present. The lyrics are, in their own right, poetry.

The original ‘North Circular’ allows this poetry more prevalence with its mellower accompaniment. The story of the tracks journey is given space to breathe and a beauty is created around ominous characters, ‘the rapturous players at the petrol station’, ‘the bailiffs at the door’. What is achieved is a half awake, half imagined visual scape belonging to nowhere allowing dream to succeed reality. Oh, and in case you don’t know what that looks like, watch the video.

I haven’t quite decided yet whether I prefer the remix or the original. Let us know what you think!

- Anya Frude



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