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New Track: SBTRKT ‘NEW DORP. NEW YORK. feat Ezra Koenig’

The long wait is over. The masked marauder, SBTRKT, is back to defend his deserved title as the wizard producer. Since he released his eponymous debut album in 2011, he has elasticated the electronic scene, bringing the often niche-genre to the masses and rearranging the rules of that genre itself. And now his second album, ‘Wonder Where We Land’, is upon us.

So far a single track has been released titled ‘NEW DORP. NEW YORK. Feat Ezra Koenig’. If it’s any indication of what the album is going to deliver, we’re in for yet another treat and perhaps a new direction for SBTRKT and thus, the servile electronic scene.

Is there no sound SBTRKT doesn’t touch and conquer? This time, he’s introducing an undeniable element of funk into his music with a bassline so groovy your shoulders are going to be shadowing the side step of your feet, and hands insistently miming along to the sound of the maracas.

Only 3 minutes long (unfortunately) but this track is an exciting combination of old SBTRKT with distinctive SBTRKTian sounds and, at the same time, a fresh deviation. Unsurprisingly, the collaboration with Vampire Weekend front man Ezra Koenig is seamless and his voice is right at home amongst the music’s impulsive atmosphere. The fickle mixture of beats, instruments and genres within the too-few minutes give, what a law-abiding mind might call, a sense of craziness. Whilst this wide-eyed tribal feel is something we can expect of SBTRKT, it only works so well because it is SBTRKT.

Until the release of the album, loop your tribal groove with this preliminary track.

‘Wonder Where We Land’ will be released on the 22nd September.

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