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YG Interview: “Ain’t nothing clean out here in this world.”

A rapper from LA with strong Piru Blood gang affiliations, an ex criminal – specialising in residential burglary – with a very big issue with the letter ‘C’; ‘My Krazy Life’, ‘Bicken Back Being Bool’ Piru actually being ‘Crip’ spelled backwards with the ‘C’ on it’s back; has emerged with what critics are currently calling ‘the hip hop album of the year’. ‘My Krazy Life’ slotted happily into number 2 on the US Billboard chart without any heavy single/previous chart releases. In fact, YG’s first official single release ‘My Nigga’ has also become one of the biggest hip hop songs of 2013/14.

Currently signed to the CTE Label, founded by rap mogul Young Jeezy (who is actually Crip affiliated… don’t ask) YG has gone from being a ‘ratchet rapper’ nobody was really taking too seriously, to being one of hip hop’s hottest commodities.

We caught up with Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, aka YG, aka Young Gangsta, aka My Hitta when amongst friends, to regroup and collect his thoughts on (a krazy) life.

I’m from Bompton… was the original album title, but I felt like I was just talking to a certain crowd of people, you feel me? If you weren’t like, feeling how I was feeling…  Bompton with the B’s and all that… it was just like, a more gang affiliated type title. I got fans all over, but I would only have been talking to a certain crowd of people. I wanted everybody to support the album. [Young] Jeezy gave me the advice and I took it and I changed the title. I feel like it fit better and it worked. Everybody can relate to ‘My Krazy Life’.

YG – ‘Bicken Back Being Bool’

 “My mama crazy. She turnt up… She try to go to the club, yo… That’s her on the album intro. I got like, two siblings I grew up in the house with, I got a step sister living in Atlanta and I got another little brother and sister, they grew with my auntie. So, it’s like, 6 of us. My mum moved us out of Compton, but I moved back… That life was all I knew.”

“When people walk up to me like, “Yo, YG, my nigga” and they’re not African American… I personally feel some type of way with that. I’m like, hold on, you can’t do that. You have to say, ‘my hitta’. You have to say ‘my hitta’ you can’t walk up to me and say ‘my nigga’. The record is about friendship. I’m talking about the homies… I’m bigging up my homies and all that. We made the record. I can’t take it back. I love the record. It did a lot for me. At the same time, I do understand what some people are saying, because that word got a lot of history behind it and its like, our people have been through a lot over that word, you feel me? They been through a lot back in the day with all that type of shit that was going on, so I understand and I get it, but I made the song… so when the song come on. I tell the people to sing the song, I tell people to sing every word of the song, and I tell people to enjoy the song… for those four minutes.

YG – ‘My Nigga’

“You got to feel all them curse words. Ain’t nothing clean out here in this world… [What] The fuck?  This. Is. Rap. This ain’t no motherfucking Gospel. This ain’t no motherfucking Gospel rap. This is hip hop, the streets, you feel me?”

“The record is double platinum so… Fuck ‘em… Certain people are always going to do that. They’re going to pick all the bad stuff out with whatever you’ve got going on. Motherfuckers ain’t making those types of records anymore, rap done got soft . I’m talking about the rappers that are supposed to be rappers. They got… like, it’s not really like rap that’s going on anymore. So that’s why people are loving these records like, Russell Simmons and Nas has said he’s listening to my album right now, because they ain’t no other shit out there. They was making them type of shits I’m making now. They was making them back in the day. It was like 90’s shit or what ever they had going on, so when they hear my shit, I think it reminds them of back in the day. Just, like a real album. So they appreciate it and they talk about it and they’re showing love.

“I figured out this album shit, there’s no need to make another mixtape I put out like, five mixtapes for like, five years straight. Back to back, like boom, boom, boom. Touring, doing club shit, the whole time building my brand and all that… like, some of  the mixtapes I was putting out, some people thought they were albums, because it was all original music and I had hits. So it was like, I don’t need to do that again, I did that already. I’m just going to do all albums. We got a label, me Ty [Dollar $ign] and DJ Mustard. So if I do a mixtape, it will be with an artist from the label, but I won’t be doing a solo mixtape.”

“I’m trying to put something out this year, something real special… We can’t get into all that though, because it ain’t official yet.”

YG – ‘Toot It And Boot It’

 “People sit on the internet and search, ‘YG girlfriend’? Well, they probably want to see if I got one. Damn… Ain’t nobody supposed to know like that [laughs]. I ain’t making her famous. She ain’t about to get famous off me. She’s just regular. She’s like, my girl from back in the day.

“Aww shit, I did say that. Fuck. Why did I do that, man?… “YG girlfriend in jail” what the fuck, man? Nobody supposed to know all that man. Damn.

–Trina John-Charles

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