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Halal, is it meat you’re looking for?

Who would have thought that it was possible to eat mouthwateringly delicious, locally sourced, slow cooked meaty BBQ goodness while drinking one of Sailor Jerrys’ refreshingly cool spiced rum cocktails AND getting a wet shave by the top barber boys from AONO? This unbelievable combination might just have topped steak and blow job day.

Head on down to London’s Tabacco Dock this September 6th – 7th for the world’s most famous meat festival Meatopia. Think beef fore-rib slow cooked over wood soaked chips and slathered in Sailor Jerry BBQ sauce…drooling yet?

Wash it all down at the Sailor Jerry bar, where the AONO team from Brighton & Hove’s best barbershop will be offering signature wet shaves. You may think male grooming is neither hair nor there, but Paul Hewitt, owner of AONO Barbershop and AONO streetwear will tell you otherwise. To tide you over until the weekend, check out his top tips to stay looking fresh. Now I’d like to stay chatting but I really moustache. (Sorry, couldn’t help it).

Click here for tickets and a sneak peak at the menu!

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Paul’s Top Tips

Traditional Barbering has become the biggest part of male grooming in 2014 and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Traditional styles such as The Tight Contour, The Vangaurd, The Pompadour and The Scumbag Boogie are some of the most sought after cuts.

All the above styles can easily be managed with the correct product and styling.



Pomades have become super popular and the range is extensive. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is one of the best products we’ve used since being in the industry. It has a medium hold, shine finish and is water soluble, so the product won’t build up when trying to wash it out.

Visions SJ Rooftop 11 3mb



Hair dryers are totally underrated. Blow dry your hair with a Denman Classic Styling Brush or Uppercut Quiff Brush; create the shape using medium heat and then once the hair is totally dry, add your product.

Remember, less is more. Work the product into your hands, start at the back of the head and work your way to the front. If more product is needed, use your fingers to apply so that you’re not causing too much product build up. A good comb or Bepop Brush will help finish the complete look!

**Secret Tip**: add a touch of hairspray to lock in the finish. It’s the UK – the weather sucks!!




Beards are still super popular and with winter just round the corner, maintaining them  has to top of the Agenda.

For beard shape ups and trimming: just like your hair, your beard needs to be pampered too. Regular visits to your barber is necessary. 4 – 6 weeks is the average cut/beard trim time between appointments.

Beard Oils: This is key – it will help with beardruff and sensitive skin, makes your beard super soft and shiny, plus helps combat the bacteria build up. BearFace is a great beard oil with amazing fragrances. Get yours at www.areyoubearface.com – hand made in Brighton!!




As well as the traditional cuts, we’re seeing a revamp on the more classic styles more than ever. The high and tight with a razor parting is becoming more popular as well as disconnecting top layers.

Again product is key. Styling/moulding creams are the way forward. Medium holds with flexibility are key so you can play around with the hair all day.

Men’s grooming and barbering is now acceptable and highly sought after in the UK: you deserve to treat and make yourself happy…

AONO Barbers will be at the Sailor Jerry stall at Meatopia this Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th.

- Georgia Rose

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