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New Track: Hawkon – ‘Touching Air’

Picture the world of social media as one large room. Everyone is jumping up and down and screaming, apart from one person standing quietly at the back. His eyes and some of his face is obscured by various different flowers and strange shapes that look like a combination of rock surface and computer screens gone wrong. This person is Hawkon, and, although he’s been virtually silent, he’s the one that we all want to talk to.

Since his first appearance on the scene, Hawkon’s online presence has been decidedly mysterious…sho shneaky. Since previous demos ‘Burn Me Down’ and ‘1,000 Questions’ grabbed our attention towards the end of last year, they have been tantalisingly removed from the internet – I mean really, it’s like taking sweets from a swarm of sound hungry children!

However, there is hope; the tracks also caught the attention of Kindness studio collaborator Blue May, leading to the co-production and mix of brand spanking new track ‘Touching Air’. A lush slice of analogue R&B, ‘Touching Air’ is comprised of smooth synth chords under Hawkon’s falsetto harmonies. Think George McRae fast-forwarded 40 years, with a hint of Mayer Hawthorne’s soulful funky vocals and a catchy melody that you can’t help but sing along to (warning: awkward for bus journeys).

‘Touching Air’ is the first track from the forthcoming EP ‘Dare to Follow’ which will be released in mid October this year.

- Georgia Rose

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