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Premiere AND Moodboard – Bear’s Den, ‘Above the Clouds of Pompeii’

So the amazing Bear’s Den have a double treat for us – how they spoil us! Firstly, we be super proud to premiere the video for their absolutely gorgeous slice of mid-afternoon melancholy ‘Above the Clouds of Pompeii’, a gentle eternal Sunday teatime regret stomper of a song. Listen and watch now:

Then, enjoy the moodboard they have compiled of the influences that have gone into their debut album ‘Islands’, out October 20th:

RMS Rehearsal Studio

RMS rehearsal studio

RMS is run by an amazing girl called Emma and she’s always been really kind and supportive about everything we’ve ever done as a band. From lending us gear to giving us jobs working there, she’s always had our backs. I used to dread rehearsal studios until we started going to RMS and Room 2 is basically where we learned how to be a band and wrote pretty much all the songs on the record.

Juno-60 Synthesizer


We were introduced to the Juno-60 by a friend of ours called Charlie Andrew who we worked with in the studio earlier in the year. The Juno has a really unique warmth and energy to it that i’d not really experienced before in a synth and we ended up using it quite a lot on the album tracks.

Charles Bukowski – “Love is a fog”

This scene from the documentary “Born Into this” was always on my mind while we working on “Think Of England”. It’s an incredibly sad perspective but also incredibly poetic and it inspired the song a lot.

The River Café

River Cafe Putney

The River Cafe is this really unique caff right next to RMS rehearsal studios in Putney where we spent a lot of time drinking tea and eating bacon sandwiches. It’s run by this really awesome Italian family and it has all these posters of the Italian football team and Juventus everywhere. It’s just awesome.

Highlands and Islands Tour of Scotland


We toured the Highlands and islands of Scotland during the recording of the album and it was a huge release for all of us to remember that the songs do not just exist inside the studio. We visited Orkney, Stornoway, Inverness and Aviemore. That tour massively shaped the newer songs on the album as well as part-inspiring the name of the album.

Ian Grimble

The King himself. Ian produced the album and it was amazing to work with him. He’s a very humble guy but we really couldn’t have made the album without him and his genius. Legend.

Filmmakers, photographers and artists: Kelly Teacher, Ty Johnson and James Marcus Haney


These three heroes have been our friends since the start of our journey and have always been a huge inspiration to all of us in their work. Ty created our album artwork and we’ve worked with Marcus and Kelly on so many things now from Austin 2 boston to the Highlands of Scotland. We owe these guys so much for all their hard work and their art has influenced our album in more ways than they could ever know.

Bear’s Den’s debut album ‘Islands’ is out on October 20th.

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