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Moodboard: HOLYCHILD

The minute we heard HOLYCHILD we knew it was love. Brash, off-kilter, slightly absurb, they make a sort of snotty electropop that begs you to fall in love. Their performance of ‘Happy With Me’ for YoursTrulySF is our session of the year. We got them to explain what makes them tick, all for you, my guys. 

There’s much that inspires us. These are the top of our list:

1. Chlorine


Everything from the electric blues and greens to actually swimming in water brings us inspiration. While we’re on tour we’re constantly hunting for a good hotel pool and this summer was definitely filled with the most chlorine we’’ve had in our lives. There’s something so freeing about surrendering to water and being surrounded by a new and literally supportive atmosphere.

2. Shitty Food


Our culture has such a weird relationship with food. I always feel guilty when I eat too much ortoo little or the wrong thing, and why? Why should such a natural thing such as EATING beover-thought and manipulated? At least that’s how I feel about it. At the same time, I think it’s so interesting that we might give our bodies things that are barely edible. I mean- donuts, shitty cereal, fries, and burgers from who knows where. This is fascinating to me and I like to use food in imagery in a very sarcastic way. I like to be dressed up nice and stuffing my face with the worst type of food. I feel like a hypocrite and it captures all my emotions.

3. Pastel-Coloured Fur


I usually don’t wear real fur, but there’s something about a fluffy pastel that makes everythingfeel right. Lately I’ve been wearing furry feathers in my hair and making shirts out of pieces I find in the garment districts of whatever city. There’s actually a brand, Doll Eyes, that I lust over that gets it right. (Check their pic above)

4. Robert Heinecken


We recently played at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and they had a special night in which they paired an exhibit of Robert Heinecken with our music. It was perfect and I was introduced to the genius that is Robert Heinecken. Basically, he’s an ex-Playboy photographer who was always on the verge of being sarcastic. You can look at something and think, ‘is this meant to be seductive or is this fucking with me?’ I love that. I want that in everything we do. I never want people to know. The hope is that everyone is forced to ponder.

5. Tinsel


If you’ve seen us live, you know we like to decorate the stage with tinsel. I love the shimmer, I love the tackiness, I love that it’s so festive, but from when and why? It seems nostalgic to me and we’ve been having too much fun using it in shoots and during shows.

6. The Bird and The Bee

Lately we have been listening to this band A LOT. We really find them perfect, from the song writing to the witty lyrics and the inspirational production. We basically spent the month of May in London writing in our apartment and listening to The Bird and The Bee on all our off times. It’s almost distracting to put on when there’s company though, because we end up nerding out to the music and being unresponsive in conversation!

 The Mindspeak EP is out now

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