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Premiere & Q&A: Rae Morris – ‘My God’

The very amazing Rae Morris – Zane Lowe-championed, George Ezra-supporting, 2015-hot tipped – has a present for you! The subtly rushing, yearning ‘My God’ is an torch anthem of self-reassurance, taken from her coming EP ‘Closer’ (the titular single of which is equally awesome, and showcases the raw power, songwriting and emotional punch that’s got everyone going doolally for forthcoming debut album ‘Unguarded’. Listen, and read what she has to say below.

Tell us a little bit about this song please. Where did it come from?

I wrote this song out in America on one of my first trips out there alone. Everything was so new and being so far from home was a huge shock to the system. I felt this song was a safety net and my way of telling myself everything would be ok if I just stuck to my guns.

If there was a sort of pin board of visual and sonic and word references for it, what would be on it?

Grounding, consciousness, distance, frustration, dark blues, honesty.

Which of your two brilliant collaborators (Ariel R and FrYars) did you work with on this? How does the collaborations with whichever of them it was work, and how does it differ from the other?

I recorded this song for the album with Ariel back out in America a few years later. The process of recording it with him took away any negative feelings I had towards the time I wrote it and how I’d felt then. Ariel is very instinctive so we recorded the song how it needed to be recorded. Fryars and him are both very similar in that respect. I love working with people to just do what comes naturally and don’t overthink things too much.

What is the one thing you would most like people to know about your completely amazing forth coming record?

I’d love them to know about the journey that I’ve been on whilst writing the songs. I started writing them when I was 17 and now around 4 years later I feel the record is a bit of a story and a journey that maybe the listener can relive with me. That would be cool.

What do you hope to have accomplished by this time next year? Please don’t just say you’d like people to like the record and then go on tour. Go all out, be light-hearted and ambitious.

Haha well if I’m being ambitious I’d love to have my next record ready to go and maybe be playing bigger venues. I dream of doing a big hometown Blackpool show at some point. That would really mean so much to me.

If you were a big corporate company, how would you describe ‘Brand Rae Morris’ to a designer tasked with creating your visual identity?

I guess if I was a brand I would be the type of brand that doesn’t really think too hard about it. Keep it simple and honest. I like to just be myself and would like to think that visually people can see that.

Rae Morris’ ‘Closer’ EP is out Monday 22nd October. Her debut album ‘Unguarded’ is released 26th January 2015

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