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Good For Nothing Clothing

Founded in 2011, upstart brand Good For Nothing is built on the idea of success and greatness coming from underrated beginnings.

Symbolised by a butterfly, which is born from a unloved caterpillar, Good For Nothing reflects the negative view often taken of the youth of modern society and takes the well known phrase and turns it on its own head into something positive.

“They say you are Good For Nothing? Embrace it, wear it. They fear the change you can make”

Offering an easy-to-wear sportswear vibe, GFN is built on a foundation of technical fabric t-shirts that play on the butterfly symbol including colour blocking and eye-popping prints.

Born in Manchester, GFN had humble begins mainly based out of a Facebook page. It was after co-founder Jack Mcleish decided to take it down for a trade show in London to test the market waters that the brand really took off.

Goof For Nothing isn’t taking small steps, the collection is fresh and bold and making a strong, individual position, apart from its competition. The new collection currently consists of 18 new styles, modelled by the heavily inked Stephen James, the new crop of T-shirts offers some real stand out looks like the Skipper and Cryptic styles – and at £30 a pop, it’s impressive value for the quality.

Good For Nothing is available online at gfnclothing.com

Take a look at some of our favourite AW14 pieces below:

Good For Nothing Clothing Escape Good For Nothing Clothing Flutura Good For Nothing Clothing Heath Good For Nothing Clothing Skipper Good For Nothing Clothing Good For Nothing Clothing Classic

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