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Groomed: the Art of Beards


Our Grooming Editor, Neil Thornton has launched a brand new YouTube channel with a video all about The Art of Beards.

From moisturising to shaping, shaving and aftercare, Neil shows you how it’s done and takes you through it every step of the way.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time now. Initially I was hesitant, but after the encouragement of friends and brands I’ve worked with I decided to take the plunge. The aim of the channel is to offer guys and online place where they can learn the skills they need to stay as well groomed as possible. I didn’t just want to be shouting product at them and talking for ages, I wanted to be showing them how to do it. It’s all very tutorial lead, you actually see me doing what I am talking about.” – Neil Thornton.

After initially starting out just covering fashion, Neil’s blog now covers a wide birth of content from style and grooming to lifestyle reviews and the new #MondayMotivation pieces where he offers reader some Monday musings on helping them have a great week.

“The blog has started to take on a mind of it’s own, it’s so much more than a labour of love. My reader started asking questions about things I wasn’t writing about, asking for advice on Twitter and emailing in. So I started to incorporate that into my blog and I then realised there was so much else I wanted to talk about. I’m so happy with the reception the #MondayMotivation posts have got. They go out every Monday morning with the aim of opening a dialogue with people as food for thought and a way of starting the week on a positive note. I want The Science of Appearance to be a haven for guys to come to – their lifestyle wikipedia – to find advice on everything and everything they might need. So much of it is now lead by what the readers want and the YouTube channel is an extension of that.”

Check out the rest of Neil’s channel here

Or find him Twitter, Facebook or on his blog, TheScienceofAppearance.com



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