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Jess Glynne – Hold My Hand

A promising new track from ‘My Love’ and ‘Rather Be’ singer, Jess Glynne. We love that she’s playing around with the idea of holding the torch for the uplifting styles of soul-infused house music yet to have a total renaissance in the commercial sphere. This may very well be the sentiment behind her upcoming studio album – various Instagram videos of the singer writing and rehearsing last year confirm that she is very at home with her soul melodies, and this is something that we would be happy to see more of as she comes into her own. With the release of her album, and, presumably, a few more feature collaborations here and there, she will certainly be a far more prominent artist in her own right by the end of 2015. ‘Hold My Hand’ becomes quite addictive the more you hear it, and is likely to supersede her second collaboration with Clean Bandit, ‘Real Love’, on the radio, very shortly. See what you think:

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