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Playlist: Kieran Alleyne

Kieran Alleyne is one of the most exciting new pop talents around. Get to know him the best way, by finding out the tracks he thinks make up his art. But first! Listen to his very excellent track ‘Comfortable’. 

Usher – Scream

Usher remains one of the most talented R&B vocalists in the business, with a career spanning decades. He is definitely one of my idols and his voice as it glides across the words on this song is amazing. This may not be one of the songs he is best known for, but personally the energy in this song is everything for me. The song has an incredible melody, his adlibs are great and most of all, it really gets me amped up. The minute I heard it I could just imagine him performing it live with a squad of impeccably choreographed dancers.

Musiq Soulchild – Until

This song just has so much musicality and coupled with Musiq’s vocals it’s just a winner in my eyes. Until was my favourite song off the ‘OnMyRadio’ and it proves just how great he is at mid-tempo and ballad material. The instrumentation and percussion is so intelligently arranged and the call and answer type vocal arrangement is great. This song also samples a Marvin Gaye’s ‘’A Funky Space Reincarnation’ and The Gap Band’s ‘You Can Count On Me’ so you get a real old school vibe coming through the song and it meshes so well with the new neo soul flavour that he brings to the table. Such a great song.

Justin Timberlake – Strawberry Bubblegum

I listened to this for ages before I realised the metaphor and it made me love JT all the more because it just proved to me what a great writer he really is. What I love most about this song are the vocals. His harmony arrangement in the song and the falsetto throughout works so well. I think it’s one of the best vocally arranged songs on the 20/20 Experience album. I also love the staccato feel of the 1st half of the song and the production is so intelligently done because it seems so simple but then there are all these things going on the background with strings and synths. The song is so experimental and he gives you 2 different songs in one. I love the break when the percussion changes and it gets a bit faster. I really like how brave Justin is with experimentation in terms of his arrangements. It’s refreshing!

Stevie Wonder – Do I Do

What a classic song by an absolute legend.  I highly doubt there are no singers or musicians out three that don’t absolutely adore and respect this man for his signwriting ability and musicality. He is a massive inspiration to me and I don’t think I can say anything more than that! I was just intrigued from such an early age by his ability despite his disability. With every song he just kept on getting better and better. This song in particular taught me how much music can affect your mood. And the power of the perfect marriage of lyric and melody. You can’t help but feel like life is fun listening to this tune. Enjoy yourself. Life ain’t so bad at all, not with a killer base arrangement like that anyway.

Michael Jackson – Cheater

What can I say about this man that hasn’t been said by every music lover for the last 30 odd years. MJ was quite literally my first love and I am so thrilled to  have been given the chance to play little Michael when Thriller live first opened in London.  I happened to stumble across this song by mistake when I was researching and going through MJ’s discography and discovered as a bonus track. I completely fell in love with the opening arrangement. It just proves to you that his music is timeless because this song was originally recorded in the 80s and was cut off his bad album. It was officially released in 2004 I believe and you wouldn’t have been the wiser as to when it was written and recorded. The opening arrangement and the piano arrangement throughout the song is just excellent. His harmonies! Oh man this song is just so good!

Kieran Alleyne’s debut EP Breaking Good is out now.

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