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Vases for Vase

Vase is a joint creative venture between Jacques Greene, a Montreal-based producer, and Joe Coghill, who had a hand in LuckyMe and affiliated events in Glasgow, who now resides in London. Vase looks to cross lines of medium and expectation and simply release interesting creative work throughout any format that suits the idea at hand. Whether it be a record, a photo book, a club night, an item of clothing, or as in the case of these pages, photographs. Trusst, run by Melissa Matos and Andrew Ly, who are based in London and Montreal, respectively, produced the photos that are shown here. Together they have worked on projects for Rad Hourani, Mugler and much more.


Photography – Mathieu Fortin
Production – Melissa Matos
Art directon – Trusst, Philippe Aubin-Dionne

We met a few years ago, as you do, over the Internet. Through time, we became friends who shared common ideas about music, art, and their roles in the 21st century. Shortly thereafter, we began to release a few records and organized a few shows in Montreal and London that presented a decided aesthetic, both visual and musical. That’s not to say things don’t get varied, but we wanted there to be a prevailing idea or sense of intent that was reoccurring. From the restrained, hypnotizing work of Koreless to the thoughtful experimental R&B of Canadian producer Zodiac, the tone was set.

Trusst has been around Montreal for a bit and has established itself as a ‘multifaceted creative studio’ through its involvement in a number of great projects over the last few years. Melissa and Andrew are talented and inspiring people, always thinking steps ahead, all the while keeping their vision unique and strong. For those reasons, we couldn’t be happier to work with them on this project, which is now a release (VSE08) on the label. Vases were made, bought, filled, set on fire, melted and shot with arrows. Various containers affected in various ways. This particular project looks at the vase in the literal sense. When put into use, the vase acts as some form of life support and helps keep its contents fresh and contained. However, when stripped of this, its purpose is removed and the vase becomes a sculpture.


VF_7 VF_6

VF_3 VF_4


VF_9 VF_10



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