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Playlist: Jacob Banks

Jacob Banks has just released a brand new track and video. ‘Move With You’ is a feel-good, finger clicking, two stepping, makes-you-want-to-learn-the-jive mesh of Jacob’s signature vocals and upbeat accompaniments.

See the amazing video below – WARNING you will want to learn the jive.

With such a distinct style and sound, we asked Jacob to compile a list of the songs that have influenced his musical journey so far – WARNING this list is amazing.–Trina SJ

John Mayer – ‘Slow Dancing In A Burning Room’

This is the first song that I heard that actually made me want to learn to be  an artist in any capacity. I wanted to do whatever he did… the lyrics, the music, everything about this song is so golden. I went to see him live at the O2 a couple weeks ago and when he played this song, I wanted to offer my left testicle sealed with a blood covenant for him to please be my friend.

Justin Nozuka – ‘Oh Mama’

This song makes me still… That’s the only way to put it. I believe everything. Every word he says. This song taught me to be honest in my craft.

D’angelo – ‘Send It On’

Ahhhh I love this man so much! He is my favourite musician of all time. As far as putting songs together and re-inventing songs, he is just that guy. This song is what cool sounds like. So effortless and beautiful. It is a massive inspiration to who I am musically.

Bob Marley – ‘Is This Love’

It’s one of those songs that when you hear it, you remember how the air smelt the very first time you heard it. You remember how many butterflies it gave you. I had a whole zoo in my stomach when I heard this song and it still resonates with me so much. Also there’s a cover of this song by Corrine Bailey Rae that is just as beautiful.

Kanye West – ‘Heard ‘Em Say’ ft. Adam Levine

I heard this song around about the same time I fell in love with hip hop. I love the piano on this song and I love the groove and the happiness it brings.

Anthony Hamilton – ‘Her Heart’

Probably not the most famous of his songs… When I first heard this song, I remember believing every word he said and how sincere it was. At this point in my life I was heavy on hip hop and grime  – this song made me fall in love with songs with sincerity.

Jack Johnson – ‘Banana Pancakes’

This song is what I think happiness sounds like. I love this record so much. I feel like anyone can sing it! It reminds me of family …and just having each other, and that being enough for you, and not needing anything else.

Al Green – ‘How Can You Mend a Broken Heart’

I remember hearing this for the first time in a movie called, ‘The book of Eli’. I stopped the movie and I searched for this song, because I loved the hell out of it. I got into a whole lot of Al Green after that. I learnt so much from listening to him… speaking of which, I need to actually finish watching ‘The Book of Eli’!

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