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Moodboard: Grouplove

LA based quintet Grouplove serve up the kind of music you want to move to LA with the bands blend of indie escapism as your only soundtrack. With that in mind, we got Ryan Rabin from Grouplove to fill us in with the best food and drink hangout spots to head to once we’ve landed.

Bar Stella

“They make some of the best cocktails in LA and it happens to be down the street from where Christian and Hannah and I live. Great Bloody Mary’s during brunch and a fun place to meet friends for drinks later on. It gets crowded on weekends but it’s never pretentious or exclusive.”

Lamill Coffee

“A short walk from where we live in Silverlake and they do some of the best coffee in town. Hannah and Christian like the hemp-latte’s and the staff are really friendly. Perfect place to go and sit down outside on a hot day.”


“I’m obsessed with this late night food truck. Brilliant authentic taco’s. Always worth a visit after a night out on the town!”

Varnish (hidden bar behind legendary Coles sandwich shop in downtown)

“Cole’s sandwiches claims to be the originators of the ‘french dip’ sandwich. The restaurant is great, and the bar is great, but they have a discrete door in the back of the restaurant that leads to a very small prohibition style cocktail spot. They never allow it to get too crowded so sometimes you have to wait, but they have an off menu drink that they owner invented called a “Penicillin”… you need to try it.”

Abbots Pizza Company (Venice)

“Andrew lives close to this spot on one of the best streets in Venice. Their BBQ chicken pizza with spicy sauce is sort of a legendary part of living in Venice. I used to live with Andrew in Venice for a few months and probably had this for lunch and dinner at least four times a week.”

Grouplove’s new single ‘Shark Attack’ is out May 19 and album Spreading Rumours is out May 26.

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