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BEAUTIFY: A new kind of Pastel Locks

Pastel hair, pastel clothes, pastel nails… It seems over the past few seasons we’re happy to take up just about anything that lets us pay year-round homage to Easter and crayons.

Pastel hair took off on tumblr a couple of years back when people realised they could make just about any cool picture into another form of pastel-skater-grunge-come-girlie homage. Then the trend became real- pastel pink hair was a norm for any blonde girl. Brunettes jumped on the trend by dip dyeing (my god, remember that?) the ends of their hair any and every colour of the rainbow.


Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.30.59



Now, a couple of years later and the sight of pastel hair gets the sort of reaction that someone still trying to rock Disco Pants might. It happened- in the past tense. But there’s still that little bit of you that yearns for the past- for the good times. (Including me- I loved having my illustration done by GHD with my blue hair, above!)


That’s why the new GHD pastel collection is perfect. You get to pick your choice of colour for your straighteners- periwinkle, jade or lavender. You can take the quiz here to see which colour is for you.


No more black and boring straighteners lurking under your bed- now you can proudly display your updated GHD’s for the modern day- take your pick.

GHD IV styler £110 



Words and photography- Emma Hoareau @emmahoareau

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