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Moodboard: Slow Club

Soon, oh, so soon we are going to be delighted with the new album from Slow Club – ‘Complete Surrender’. Their third album is due to be released on the 14th of July on Caroline International. Whilst undoubtedly growing and evolving, the band stays true to who they are and their desire to experiment. The album’s sound radiates confidence and skill that the artists have acquired, features the trademark of Slow Club – intricately interwoven harmonies of Rebecca and Charles’s voices, and reflects upon the wide range of influences, from Frankie Valli to Katy Perry. All in all, Slow Club most certainly did not let their grateful listeners down, by producing a quality, sophisticated pop album.

Today, they are sharing with us their inspirations and appreciations via a lovely moodboard, which, being just as extensive as the range of their musical influences, certainly encompasses a wide range of things.

But for starters, take a look at the music video for one of the tracks from the upcoming album!

Linda Ronstadt

Rebecca Taylor: “I am very inspired by Linda, the way she sings songs seemingly from the stomach, from the pit of how she feels. I am a big fan of being honest in lyrics and this song is almost desperate, it is perfect!”

Calamity Jane

RT: “This was the first film I really got into. Apparently, I knew every single word at the age of 3. I think somewhere along the line a Calamity Jane vibe stuck with me (let’s forget the bit about how she becomes girly and ‘normal’ at the end). I like to feel strong, and tough, and not afraid but inside, not even that deep down, I’m a total pussy obsessed with the idea of romance and love. The way she slowly realises what the world is actually like in this film is so sweet and resonates with me big time.”

Marina Abramovic

RT: “I have a very stressful relationship with modern art, but I feel like I watched that Marina Abramovic doc and felt instantly fearless and like caring what other people think is a completely absurd notion. Now if I feel silly or embarrassed I think WWMAD (serenely stare at people in the face until they cry like babies).”

Katherine Perry

RT: “I don’t think I need to explain this one.”

Perfume Genius

RT: “A total genius. If you haven’t got both records do it now as fast as possible. Perfect execution of beauty and honesty.”

Nadine Shah

RT: “I am so excited by this woman. I first heard this track and the whole bottom of my body felt heavy and I wanted to sink into a sexy pile of my own innards. That’s what we all want from music, right? Incredible lyrics, simple yet shrouded in something more. PERFECT production, her vocals are pure and not measured; I adore people that just SING without thought or plan.”

Kermit The Frog

RT: “Dream man.”

Ansel Adams

Charles Whatson: “I went to the retrospective show at the National Maritime Museum and there was an interview with him from the ’80′s. He was simply a great Artist and a massive a dude.”

Jesus’s Son – Denis Johnson