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Groomed: Fish Hairdressing

Founded in 1987, Fish hairdressing boasts over 25 years worth of experience and a clientele base as wide and eclectic as it’s products and style. Born out of a frustration at the snobbery of West End London salons, Fish was opened by Paul Burfoot in the premises of an old sex shop and fishmongers (the latter being the inspiration for the name).

As well as having the salon, which now sees a weekly turnover of 500+ clients, Fish also stocks a range of men’s products, including some great hair styling products.

Not the type you eat, and not the type you get after a drunken fumble with a lady, Fishfingers is Fish’s pack leader. A water-based wax that leaves a wet look, this easy-to-use hair product simply has to be rubbed into the fingers and scratched through the head. It’s perfect for short hair, offering instant styling, which you can keep altering through the day. If your hair is long, use Fishfingers sparingly to calm down excess frizz. £5.99 (full sized).

FishfingersUp next we have Stonefish. This hair clay is great for edgier looks, keeping spiked punk styles in place. The matt finish means it doesn’t look too preened and the lightness of the clay means it doesn’t feel overly sticky. Longhaired gents can use this one to add volume and texture to their look. £5.99 (full sized).

StonefishLast on the list this week is Fishshape cream. This light hair cream is big hitter for short to mid-length styles. Great for adding texture to choppy styles, the Fishshape cream offers a strong hold without drying hard and it washes out easily £5.99(full sized).

FishshapeThe range is also available in mini pots for around £1.99, making them ideal for quick styling and re-styling session on the go.

It’s easy to see why Fish has made a lasting impression on the styling history books, and has reached far and wide beyond London’s Soho. They know what they are talking about. The product is honest and simple and does as it says it will – and better yet, this is all for some of the best prices on the high street. Fish offer a no-fuss choice for hair styling and a great foundation for your styling selection.

- Neil Thornton

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