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Groomed: Manscaping– Shaving your pubic hair

Men everywhere are picking up their razors and daring to go bare.

The Clean Sweep trend seemed to come out of nowhere, after having started to notice it myself, then hearing friends comment, it became clear that manscaping for the modern gent was becoming far more than maintaining the garden – the old adage of simply trimming the bush to make the tree look taller falling to they wayside. No, now it is about removing the hedges altogether.

The trend began to gather pace over the last couple of years since the Olympics; sportsmen have often been known to remove all hair as part of ‘performance grooming’, swimmers being an obvious example. Excessive body hair causes drag in the water and so removing it makes the swimmer more streamlined. The sight of these athletic bodies, such as Tom Daley, in the media with a smooth aesthetic has inspired the average man and the trend has moved into mainstream, perpetuated by such reality personalities like TOWIE’s Dan Osborne (see exhibits A and B – C is just an extra gift).

Dan Osbourne, Tom DaleyMen are now totally removing their pubic, and surrounding, hair for the ‘no naturel’ look. The best evidence of this is happening right now; you only need to type #cockinasock (a humours but effective male cancer awareness campaign) into Instagram to get an eye full of cleanly shaven, or closely trimmed, man parts.

Untitled-2If you’re thinking about making the plunge yourself and taking the razor south for the summer, then take a look at my top tips to mastering man deforestation.

Trim first:
First up you need to trim your nether regions. For this, simply use a beard trimmer or a pair of scissors (please be careful!).  Use guards to reduce gradually to preferred length. Some guys may find trimming down is enough for them, but if you plan on going the whole way, read along.

Do it in the bath:
Simple math and you’ll thank me for it later. In the bath your skin is hot and supple and in the best condition for shaving and avoiding irritation. If you don’t have a bath, have a shower and use a hot flannel to steam the area. Then make sure you’re sitting or lying down. Bending over while standing is not advised.

Use lubrication:
Using some form of shaving gel will help make things easy once you’re down there, hair conditioners also work really well too.

Take your time:
Shaving around your man hood is not a sprint it’s a marathon, so take your time. Make sure you pull the skin taut and shave using a wet razor (with fresh blades) in short strokes.

Once you’re done, rinse off any excess residue and pad down with a towel (don’t rub as it may cause irritation). You may like to use an after-shave moisturiser to keep the aftercare going, just ensure it’s one for sensitive skin.

- Neil Thornton

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