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Moodboard: Denitia & Sene

Denitia & Sene hail from Brooklyn, New York City. However, while Brooklyn has become synonymous with hipsters, slowly being gentrified into an extension of Manhatten, Denitia & Sene’s sound is a soothing antidote to the chaos of urban sprawl and regeneration. Tapping into the remaining creativity the New York borough has to offer, the boy and girl duo create stylish, soft and sexy music; an electro-soul love affair taking cues from the likes of Sade, the Fugees, Janet Jackson and The Beatles. Their debut album, His & Hers, was an exploration of what pop/soul melodies and soothing production could do. A sort of ethereal trip through sultry beats and chic sensibilities, the album recalls Massive Attack while simultaneously amalgamating the production elements of AlunaGeorge with the flare of Rhye.

We got the duo to compile a moodboard to explore what really inspires and excites them. But first, why not check out an acapella video of their track, ‘Trip.Fall”, made in collaboration with the creative group BKYLN1834, who provide a creative hub to emerging artists in Brooklyn. It’s rather lovely.


My Daughter:
1“I hear her giggle and everything stands still. It’s a pleasure to do what I love to do for a living knowing that it benefits her.”

2“I was very young when this came out. I remember watching it and being really amazed.  They made a movie that felt like a documentary following my friends and I bet every kid from a New York City neighborhood felt the same way (if they saw this movie).”

“There is no other place like it in the world. It inspires me to be myself at all times because I’m surrounded by unique individuals and they all live on top of each other.”

Bollywood movies and Indian music videos:Bollywood-Dancing“I had an illegal cable box when I was younger and one of the channels would spend half the day between infomercials and the other half playing all these Bollywood movies and music videos. It was my own little weird obsession. My first trip overseas for tour, I flew on Air India. They played Shrek once and then straight Bollywood flicks for 12 hours. I couldn’t fall asleep. I had to keep watching.”

Wes Anderson:
“I guess we’ve established that I love film. Wes Anderson tops my list of filmmakers. I love the way he builds his own world and brings you into it. That’s how I’ve always envisioned recording the albums that im a part of, building my own world.”


Betty Davis:
“Betty Davis released some stellar music, always raw. You’ll see photos of her super clammed out, I love this bare, stylish portrait.”

Jenny Shimizu:

7“Jenny Shimizu’s style gets me so hyped. This black and white is too dope, she’s super cool and totally herself. Major swagger.”

Sade – Love Deluxe
8“Sade’s Love Deluxe is one of my favorite albums of all time and has one of the best album covers ever. It’s sexy; it’s rich and timeless.”

“Jeyfree is a muse to many.. she is definitive cool, with the kind if presence that totally melts people, her style is always so sexy and ahead of her time. I’m totally hooked.”

Cocteau Twins:
“Cocteau Twins remain one of the most enigmatic bands I’ve been super into. They make some of the most beautiful sounds I’ve heard. If this cover is a visualization of airy, moody guitar music, then I’d say I’d agree.”

Denitia & Sene’s debut album, His & Hers, is available now via Input.

You can listen to the album over on their Soundcloud page.

- Alim Kheraj

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