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BOTW Playlist: Mas Ysa

In the final installment of our week spent getting to know the confessional electronica of Woodstock, NY’s Thomas Arsenault – aka Mas Ysa – the Montreal-born, Brazil-raised producer talks us through seven tracks that have directly impacted the way he views and consumes music.

From the monumental, sky-touching sounds of his fellow Canadians Do Make Say Think to the recently returned Teengirl Fantasy, who Arsenault describes as “the Grateful Dead of techno,” you can check out all seven selections below.

But first, here’s the devastating, motorik ‘Why’, taken from the Worth EP (out this week through Downtown):

Michael Beharie – ‘So Shine Shine’

“One of best friends and long-time collaborators. His music always floors me.”

Delorean ft. Caroline Polachek – ‘Unhold’ (Mas Ysa Remix)

“No, this isn’t just blatant self-promotion. I made my desk a standing one, and this was the first thing I finished at it. It’s very different than sitting; editing and dancing and bending around as you go. It made the process very physical and the tune contorted. It’s really just a setting for Caroline’s evocative outpour.  Sounds like a sci-fi showtune aside to me. I can listen to this over and over again, it feels like it has nothing to do with me.”

FKA twigs – ‘Water Me’

“I didn’t hear this until recently. Now it is on repeat. Very loud. It’s such a complete dredging of the heart.”

Paul Simon – ‘Dazzling Blue’

“I think of Paul Simon as “Financial Security Rock”. It comforts me until it makes me panic.”

Player – ‘Player Three’

“One of my favorite sounding records. A crowd-pleaser in high school. I used to be a better dancer.”

Do Make Say Think – ‘Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!’

“How generously made is this?”

Teengirl Fantasy – ‘Nun’

“Teengirl Fantasy are so strong and direct with their vision, and yet it still feels jammy and open. They may be the Grateful Dead of techno. The video is also amazing.”

- Alex Cull

The Worth EP is available now on Downtown Records.

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