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Album Review: Diode & Rick Holland – The King Krill

Introducing the sensationally unusual debut album from the Dalston duo, Rick Holland and Old man Diode present ‘The King Krill’ impending the March 2013 release date. Following on from their pre-recorded collaborative tracks ‘Still Silver’ and ‘Open Blue’, both of which feature exquisitely enriching vocals from …


bobby tank

BOTW Interview: Bobby Tank

As part of our Band Of The Week feature, Planet Notion talked to the lovely Slugabed about maximalism, classic influences, multi-instrumentalism, and Kelly Brook obvs.

Describe your sound in 3 words…
1. Shiny
2. Unicorn Moustache Ride
3. Progressive

Youve been championed by a lot of DJs recently…



Album Review: Friends – Manifest!

With tangy sharp bass lines, hand drum percussions, and snappy optimistic guitar riffs, Manifest! is a layered sensation of instrumentals and pixie-cute female vocals with a sugary coating. Integrating an array of poppy compositional patterns for you to get your head around, it’s an exciting collaboration of all things summery.…



Interview – Grande Dame

London’s illustrations community is a tight-knit web of talented creatives who lead the way in the global illustrator sphere (if indeed there is such a thing). But when we encountered the work of Tiff McGinnis (AKA Grande Dame), we were struck by the way she covers so many disciplines from



Interview: Fam Irvoll

As February’s London Fashion Week unfolds, there are always overheard whispers and under-the-radar murmurs of the show of the season. There’s always something over in the off-schedule Vauxhall Fashion Scout that really grabs everyone’s imagination; those that were present rave about it, and those that weren’t lament their timetables, Editors



Interview: Sub Focus

Known for his innovative electronic music masterpieces, Sub Focus (aka Nick Douwma) is set to release the new single Out The Blue featuring Alice Gold, on 29th April 2012! In our interview with this talented Uk producer, we capture his take on his music, performances, inspirations and future projects.


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Pure Gold with ‘Still Silver’ – Diode and Rick Holland’s new release

Featured once before on Planet Notion with their first video preview, Diode and Rick Holland have returned with more bewitching brilliance. If you liked Open Blue ft. Beth Rowley, there is no doubt their new release ‘Still Silver’ will captivate you to new absorbing levels with a haunting twist. …



Introducing: Helium Robots

This band specialise in awkwardly fun, fizzy, willy wonka tunes and remixes, dedicated to their spooky robotic fashion. They have an abstract debut album out named Voltopia which is a 10 track amalgamation of mix ups, weirdness and crazy fun! The band sound like they are having a blast and …


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NYC baby: LACOSTE L!VE lovin’

This Spring 2012 sees the infamous and elegantly sharp and smart brand of Lacoste embrace New York City and all its talents. Creating a campaign for SS12 with photographer Mark Hunter (aka. The CobraSnake), 3 ‘soon to be big’ young creatives are being photographed and street casted in Brooklyn. It …


Microsoft Word - Press Release - House 2012 - Draft 8

It’s all about HOUSE 2012, the Brightonian visual arts fest

Brighton this year is set to hold the biggest visual arts festival at Pheonix in May! Hurrah! Not only do we love anything weird, wonderful and arty farty here at NOTION, but we also enjoy changing places from London once in a while. So this time it’s on the beautifully …