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About Us

Planet Notion is brought to you by the wonderful people who used to make Notion Magazine, the world’s best and brightest bimonthly fashion and music magazine.

We like to think of Planet Notion as Notion Magazine’s non-identical twin brother. We’ve got the same sense of humour, the same mannerisms and maybe even the same hair, but slightly differing interests.

We both come from music because music is everywhere around us and inside us. We both come wearing clothes, because it’s cold and we want you to know how good we could look. We both come talking about something, because you wanted to know about it. And then we got drunk with you and it was kinda fun.

We spend all our time reading and listening and watching because that is what we love. We are epic consumers of all kinds of shit. And often it is shit. But sometimes music makes us feel like we’re floating above dancefloors; and sometimes clothes help turn us into the people we want to be; and sometimes we see something that makes sense.

Where once upon a time a couple of music magazines would vie for your ears and a couple of style magazines would vie for your pretensions, now there is a colossal babble, a hellish clamouring of voices each with something to say. A lot of it is good, and a lot of it is rubbish.

Planet Notion retains the quality and insight of its brother, forging deep into the same cultural mines and emerging victoriously with different gems that sparkle and entrance, and throw out incomparable light onto their audiences.

We’ve both got great taste. So we tell you about it. That’s what you can rely on us for.