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Grub’s Up, Scrubs Up: Jeremy Lee & Giles Deacon

This is totally a We heart post but decided the puntitle was worth it. Bon vivant and Quo Vadis chef supreme Jeremy Lee entertains dear old friend, GoT significant other and fashion designer Giles Deacon at QV for a spot of eel cooking and a wide ranging conversation about the …


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What’s this about Camel Milking?

How about that then?



News: Hyper Japan 2014

Konnichiwa readers! The UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, cuisine, entertainment and technology is BACK! Yes, Hyper Japan 2014 is nearly upon us. For all those people who are obsessed with the Far Eastern culture, there will so much on show that everyone will be satisfied. Taking place at Earls …



News: Cheyne Walk Brasserie x Meringue Girls

Us Brits love a cuppa, especially when it’s surrounded by ceremony. Our perchance for the hot beverage knows no bounds. Much like Lady Mary and the Dowager Countess of Grantham, we all enjoy a bit of Afternoon Tea. There is a certain elegance attached to the tradition, and you’ll often …



News: Welcome To London: A World of Eating

Those lovely guys over at Herb Lester Associates, who are known for their fabulous city map  guides contained on a single sheet of A3 or A2, have created this rather nice looking city guide that explores the many worlds of food that London has to offer. Known for its …



News: Enjoy a Marvellous Musical Party

If like me the bright lights of Broadway, or the stages of the West End get your heart going, then the special musical theatre gala at The Landmark Hotel, London, is the event for you. Featuring performances from the vocal powers of Shona White, known for her roles of …



From Oslo to London

My Old Dear (bless her soul) tells me that food used to be a staple feature of nightclubs in London. Saying this, she was a dancehall queen, so I’m not entirely sure if it ever was a custom in clubs that don’t play Jamaican music. But all the same, the …



Pact Coffee: Get it While it’s Hot!

Last fall, during a quick East Coast (of America) wander, I found myself with a bit of time to kill while visiting NYC. I had an hour or two before I caught the coach back to Boston (my home) I figured that I would grab some quick stimulation for the …



Egg your way out of a hangover

Bring on the holiday cheer, the festive season is here.

We have entered the month of christmas parties, social events, boozy catch-ups, winter wonderlands, and german markets. Wondered how you are going to get through it? So do we. We have called upon top cook, Tess Ward the host of …



Foodie’s at Night

Calling all FOODIES! Or if you don’t like the label: people who enjoy a good food market with tasty options at every turn. Brixton Night Market launches this week for the festive season, and our stomachs are rumbling just at the thought of perusing around this Friday evening. We’ll be …