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We heart: JD Samson’s Apartamento

We heart is an occasional series devoted to hashtag content we love from across the internet. Our new We heart comes from the same place as the last – giving big props to Nowness’ amazing collab with everyday interiors mag Apartamento. This episode is the brill musician and activist JD


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We heart: Tavi Gevinson’s Apartamento

We heart is our new regular series highlighting very important internet hashtag content. In what’s likely to be a recurring appearance, Nowness’ incredible My Apartamento series leads the way. A collaboration with the iconic ‘everyday interiors’ mag Apartamento, this episode features our queen Tavi G, erstwhile fashion blog prodigy turned



Joyrich x Maripol in London this January

Los Angeles based label Joyrich have teamed up with fashion legend Maripol for an exciting collaboration coming to London this month. The collection will have a dedicated room within the exclusive Machine-A boutique in Soho from January 6th until the end of month, with the store’s entire frontage to …



7 #YOLO Moments (and one to come)

Like it or not, #YOLO is one of the biggest trends to come out of the last few years. Encompassing a generation of kids who are happy to stick two fingers up at, well, most things really, and just get on with enjoying their youth as much as possible. And …



Where Is Your Car From?

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the badge of your car? Is your MINI as British as the Queen? Or what your Jeep might have in common with a Fiat? The world of the car industry is quite an incestuous one, and though it’s not something we often chat about …



BEST OF BRITISH: Exploring Gola’s ‘Born in Britain’ Project

We take a look at our favourite five (actually, there’s six – we couldn’t narrow it down) of Gola’s Born in Britain project. Having trawled universities the length and breadth of Britain to find some of the most talented students, Gola have recruited 30 students as brand ambassadors for …


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News: VICE Illustration Show

Launched in 1994 as a ‘punk zine’, VICE has since gone on to become a leading name in global youth media, with bureaus in over 34 countries, a premier original video destination in the form of VICE.COM, a television production studio, a magazine, a record label, a book-publishing division, and …


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News: Mercedes-Benz GL-Class Road Trip

The new interactive site from Mercedes-Benz has arrived; and it is fabulous. Taking you on an exciting virtual Road Trip to Africa, The GL-Class Road Trip also offers the chance to win some very real prizes at the end of the challenge, including the holiday of a lifetime. By answering …



News: Defected Website Relaunch

Defected is the leading brand in house music and events. If you’re interested in music and festivals, you’ve heard of them. Remember how back in March there was all that hubbub about Defected’s global re-branding? Well, that’s still underway. The most exciting new development is the relaunch of the Defected …



News: Myspace Partners with Gucci Timepieces

Myspace has been around almost as long as Internet social networking. Recently, though, it’s become primarily used for music.  Bands love it for its unique musical sharing interfaces and properties. Gucci has been around considerably longer, producing quality watches and jewelry since the ’20s. As a brand, they’ve always been …