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News: Stage Door Johnnies

The brain child of actors Laura Power and Catherine McCormack, one-off mockumentary Stage Door Johnnies is sure to cause a fuss when it hits TV screens tomorrow evening (Thursday May 23rd). For those of us out of the industry loop, ‘Johnnies’ are those obsessive theatre fans who unashamedly haunt …



Messages of Self-Belief with Rita Ora

National Citizen Service (NCS) has recently joined forces with SBTV to continue their crusade for the benefit of sixteen/seventeen-year-olds. NCS invites youths from all walks of life to share in a series of adventurous outdoor activities to help develop important skills for the future, both professional and personal. The mission …



New: Crystal Vision TV launches on YouTube

Crystal Vision TV is a totally fresh YouTube project from two Radio 1 and 1Xtra producers Laura May Coope and Alistair Parrington; with the content asking the viewer “what do you want to see?

Set as a house party and referencing 80s Yoof TV such as Janet …


Words in the Park Ho#A289B (2)

A Literary Feast: Ways With Words Festival 2012

We’ve stuffed you with info on the cornucopia of music festivals that will be taking place this summer, but here’s another event that might spark you interest. Set for 18-20May, Ways With Words will celebrate their 20 year legacy in a three day literary celebration, ‘Words In The Park’, which …



Film Review: The Hunger Games

Based on Suzanne Collins’ young-adult book trilogy, The Hunger Games presents a world where the government forces kids (known as “tributes”) to fight, until only one remains. With remarkably similar bleak concepts, it’s hard to not recall Koshun Takami’s Battle Royale (2000), but despite the parallel fascism and intense violence, …



Cheryl Cole’s TV Show – A Lesson From History

After this morning’s announcement hinting that Chezza might indeed be getting her own chat show, an office debate sparked. Have any female popstars ever successfully made the transition to chat show hosts? We take a brief trip down Memory LOL-ane at the best bits of popstarlets-and-media-tartlets-turned-chatshow-hostette.

Lily Allen And


secret policeman

Amnesty International presents: The Secret Policeman’s Ball

Are you ready for the funniest night of the decade? Returning on Sunday 4th March comes the legendary Amnesty International’s Secret Policeman’s Ball. It’s definitely going to be such a show. Guest stars include multi award-winners Coldplay, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, and comedian and actor Russell Brand. Also …



Jan’s Coming Out: Interview with Jan Walker and Carolyn Reid

The ‘L Word’ is responsible for many things: bringing lesbian characters to mainstream TV, inspiring conventions around the world and inciting swathes of women to begin ‘looking very Shane’. However, it was also the catalyst for one wife and mother of three’s journey to becoming a jet-setting ‘baby dyke’. ‘Jan’s



Interview: Karen Gale Of ‘My Transsexual Summer’

Channel 4’s ‘My Transsexual Summer’ followed seven men and women who came together to share their experiences of changing gender in Britain today. Albeit as a pertinent topic throughout the year, Planet Notion decided to talk to one of the stars of this programme, Karen Gale, about transitioning, surgery, labels



Watch Pepstar on Random Acts TONIGHT

What are Tuesday nights for? Well, they are not the start of the week (thank god), but they are also not quite middle of the week enough to have a proper social life again. So, seeing as how tonight is one of those darned Tuesday nights, what should you actually …