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Embrace the Weekend #2: Superfreq E’Special V Superdiscofreq

When you have dug low, wallowed the dirt and bathed in the sap of satan himself, where the hell do you go next?  TO THE SKY MY FREIND, TO THE SKY.

And so it is that Mr C – not perturbed by the unsavory buggering his ex is receiving since …



Embrace the Weekend #1: Deadly Rhythm Plan B

For any self-respecting Londoner on the party scene, August Bank Holiday weekend is the one we apply for credit cards, cancel holiday plans for, even eat healthy for a week prior to and after send Holland & Barretts’ share price through the roof.

Deadly Rhythm know this. To celebrate the …



G8HAUSMusik: Return of the Dirty Blog

Our south London blogospheric sonic traveller, Ben Gatehouse (who we call G8HAUS for the lulz), documents his journeys through the internet for us, returning with occasional posts of facemelt bangers and crack house classics. His column returns on our delectable new home, coming with a brand new free track.




G8HAUSMUSIK Vol.5: A dirty MP3 Blog

Ben Gatehouse, aka G8HAUSMUSIK, the music man wanderlust who wanders to the grimiest and this week grime-iest outer corners of the internetosphere and traverses the filthiest sarf lahnan clubs, so that he might return with tantilising morsels of a distant, different life.

Heeeyyylllo, Gotta say that this week’s selection was …