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Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson’s brand new video for ‘Kissin’ on the Blacktop’

Lifted from his new album Me Moanex-trucker Daughn Gibson’s Kissin’ on the Blacktop has been given a turbulent new video, mixing bittersweet and dark undertones with vicious, over-the-top technicolour. As we’ve previously reported at Planet Notion, we love Gibson.

With the stature of The Hulk but being …



BOTW Playlist: Daughn Gibson

Topping off our week-long delve into the somnambulist, prairie ballads of Pennsylvania’s Daughn Gibson, the man himself put together a playlist of the tracks that have been informing his late night tales of small-town life. The eclectic nature of Gibson’s – real name: Josh Martin – selections should come



BOTW Review: Daughn Gibson – Me Moan

This album might be referred to as a ‘sophomore’ release from Pennsylvania’s Daughn Gibson, following his debut long-player All Hell. Although, the institutional metaphor doesn’t seem to fit in this particular context. You get the feeling that Daughn Gibson is too much of a free agent for that …



BOTW Interview: Daughn Gibson

Listening to Me Moan, the second album from Pennsylvania’s Daughn Gibson, and hearing the titular vocalist’s husky baritone, it’s hard not to imagine an imposing, brooding statue of a singer. When Notion’s Alex Cull met the man behind the growl in a dingy East London pub, he instead



BOTW Tips: Daughn Gibson

When Daughn Gibson sat down with Notion’s Alex Cull for a beer in a dimly lit, backwater London pub, the surprisingly sunny Pennsylvanian was armed to the teeth with recommendations of weird and wonderful music tips. Here, we run down a selection of Gibson’s favourite thrift store finds and connoisseur’s



Introducing our BOTW: Daughn Gibson

Possessed with one of the most distinctive baritones around, Pennsylvania’s Josh Martin – aka Daughn Gibson – continues to pursue the darker side of somnambulist, prairie stormers on his second full-length, Me Moan, out today on Sub Pop. The only difference is that this time around he’s brought …



Album Review: Treetop Flyers – The Mountain Moves

With their debut single ‘Things Will Change’ – released in early April – Treetop Flyers had already set the pace for their forthcoming debut album. The British five-piece chose to record The Mountain Moves in sunny Malibu, California and it certainly possesses a West Coast, 60s vintage rock …



Interview: In The Valley Below

In the Valley Below are a two piece vocal group made up of Angela Gail and Jeffrey Jacob based in LA. Their songs are a heady mix of surrealist, swirling vocals, synthesizers and a deep sexy melancholy that infuses their musical outlook. Complicated? Certainly. But also intensely listen-able (you can



What The Folk?

Lynn Roberts of For Folk’s Sake fills us in on what’s been happening in her genre of expertise over the past month.

Festival season kicked off with the Great Escape last month in Brighton when everyone was talking about Django Django. Coming up this month there are tons of great …


jake bugg

Interview: Jake Bugg

We spoke to musician-on-the-rise Jake Bugg about being signed to a major label, song writing, and his experiences as a musician so far. 

How did you sign to Mercury?
A year and a half a go now, I met a guy who knew a guy that ended up to be …